History of Mannadipet Commune Panchayat

Bahour is an ancient, historically famous village situated at a distance of 22 Kms., from the town of Puducherry spreading 54.9 sq. kms. In the 8th century A.D. Bahour was a great centre of Sanskrit studies. These villages were endowed to this Sanskrit School during the rule of Pallava King Nirupatunga Varma. Their revenues were to be enjoyed by the residents of this great seat of learning. In the inscriptions, Bahour is known as Vahour and also as Azhagiya Chozha Chatur Vedhi Mangalam. The presiding deity of the temple in this village is called as Sri Moola Nathar Swamigal, concerted with Sri Vedhanayagi Amman.

The temple is considered to have been built in the middle part of the 10th century. On the South of Bahour, river Pennaiyar is running west to east and joins in to the sea, Bay of Bengal. The Bahour lake is the 2nd biggest lake in the Union territory of Puducherry irrigating 5420 acres of lands.

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