History of MCP Commune Panchayat

Mannadipattu Commune is located in India. Originally it was called "Tribuvane Commune", then renamed "Mannadipet Commune" (before liberation, by the Temporary United Government on 12 April 1954 in Tirubuvane).The liberation occurred while French India Government ruled over the French occupied Pondicherry regions. This event was a vital cause for liberation of entire French occupied Puducherry from French Administration

Mannadipattu is a Village, Commune and Assembly Constituency in the Union Territory of Puducherry, India. It consists of 3 enclaves out of the 11 enclaves of Puducherry. Also, Sellipattu, located on the main enclave, is a part of Mannadipattu Commune. Mannadipattu, along with Nettapakkam Commune, forms the western border to the Union Territory.

It was announced that the Commune Panchayat Building was functioning as an office for the state of Mannadipet. (The building was built by the Frenchmen who were functioning as a Puducherry state government office and is now functioning as the “Mannadipet Commune Panchayat” office after Puducherry is connected to the Indian Union by French India Government) .People have been told that they can light their grievances and inform the Mannadipet Government.